Nordic CBD oil

Our experience report of the Nordic Oil CBD oil

Nordic Oil is a particularly interesting manufacturer on the market. Which is why we wanted to take a closer look at the CBD oil from Nordic Oil.

Nordic Oil boldly advertises that it is among the best products on the market. We tested the 5% CBD oil from Nordic Oil.

Nordic CBD oil

CBD and Nordic Oil... in a nutshell

  • High quality natural oil with 100% organic hemp
  • In addition to the 5% oil, many other concentrations and other products are available
  • According to laboratory analysis, Nordic Oil's 5% CBD oil does not contain any THC at all
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comparatively mild taste
  • Good value for money

A quick reminder... what is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid that has been extracted from the hemp plant (or cannabis plant). There are a number of cannabinoids on offer from this wonderful plant, CBD is just one of many.

CBD offers a number of health benefits, including an improved immune system. It can be taken as a food supplement, much like daily vitamins, for general health. Or it can be used for more significant conditions. CBD products are often mixed with other cannabinoids, as this offers the entourage effect. Researchers have found that using a mix of cannabinoids can increase the effect as opposed to if the product contained purely CBD - these products are called 'full-spectrum.

It's not just other cannabinoids that can increase CBD's benefits. Flavonoids and terpenes are often also used, as well as many other vitamins and nutrients. For example, Nordic Oil mix their prodcuts with extras such as omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Many people are wary of CBD because they believe it's illegal, or that it gets you 'high'. This simply isn't true. There is a cannabinoid within the hemp plant which is known for its intoxicating qualities, which is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). But either CBD products do not contain any THC, or the amount is so low that the effects are not felt.

Scientific research indicates that CBD (and other cannabinoids) interact with our bodies’ Endocannabinoid System (ECS for short). This system controls the development and transmission of pain, anxiety, mood, body temperature and memories.

CBD in particular is noted for having analgesic, antispasmodic and antidepressant properties.

Nordic Oil 5% oil - detailed product description

Before we go into more detail about the product itself, we wanted to share what Nordic Oil is and who is behind it.

Who is Nordic Oil anyway?

Behind Nordic Oil is the Nordic Trading Group BV, a company from Nijhaben, Netherlands.

Nordic Oil was first founded in 2018 by Danish brothers Dannie and Christian. Nordic Oil aims to become the world's leading brand for CBD products. They are one of the fastest growing brands in Europe and have offices in Germany, New York and the Netherlands.

Nordic Oil offer high customer friendliness and excellent quality. Incidentally, Nordic Oil is also represented internationally and is available in some European countries.

In addition to the UK , they also operate in: Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark and many other countries.

Only organically grown and fair trade hemp from all over Europe is used to produce the oil. According to the product sheet, this most likely comes from Denmark.

In order to produce a pure CBD oil of the highest quality, all superfluous and unnecessary ingredients are filtered out during production.

To extract the CBD out of the hemp plant, Nordic Oil uses gentle CO2 extraction. The basis of the respective Nordic Oil oils consist of hemp seed oil. In addition to the CBD oils, Nordic Oil also offers a wide range of other CBD products. But more on that at the end of the article.

Very commendable: the good customer support. We only have positive feedback to report here. You always get a quick and friendly answer and you can also leave a message directly via the chat.

It is worth noting here that there is another company that looks a little like a CBD brand. With a similar name - Nordic Supplements. They offer ingrdients such as natural fish oils, antioxidants and vitamin D. But they are not the same as Nordic Oil and they do not contain CBD.

Which ingredients are contained in the CBD oil from Nordic Oil?

The ingredients are of course of particular importance in a CBD oil. And precise and correct information from the manufacturer is all the more important.

According to Nordic Oil, every single product complies with all EU regulations and contains less than 0.2% THC. A higher value would be illegal under current UK law.

Furthermore, the CBD oils from Nordic Oil contain valuable and naturally occurring terpenes. However, other substances such as omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids or vitamin E are also contained within the oil.

Because of this variety of active ingredients, the oils from Nordic Oil can be confidently referred to as a natural full-spectrum oil, which increases the aforementioned entourage effect. To reiterate, this means that the different active ingredients reinforce each other and work together, giving you further benefits.

Oils from Nordic Oil are full-spectrum oils, which increases an entourage effect. This means that the different active ingredients reinforce each other and work together.

With the purchase you get a 10ml bottle with a 5 percent CBD content (500mg). This is a good entry-level model for CBD newbies. The vial should contain around 250 drops .

One drop contains about 2mg of CBD. The oil itself is based on a hemp seed oil and is supplemented with a hemp extract (the CBD).

The CBD oil does not contain colouring or conversion agents. Nordic Oil also advises that the CBD oil is vegan and gluten-free.

Nordic Oil also undergoes several tests to attest to its high quality. The 5% oil has also been tested in the laboratory by a reputable company.

Only the following cannabinoids could be detected : CBD with a share of 5.4%; CBG with 0.07% and CBN with 0.06%. THC was not found in the investigation.

How was Nordic Oil delivered?

We really liked the packaging of Nordic Oil. It looks stylish and modern, with shaded plants on the turquoise box.

Only organically grown and fair trade hemp from all over Europe is used to produce the oil.

In addition to the design, we also like the fact that you can find important information on the box itself. Unfortunately, this is not the case with every manufacturer. And that, in our opinion, should not be taken for granted.

100% certified hemp, 100% quality guarantee, laboratory tested and vegan . You can see that on the packaging. There is also a hint that the oil should be stored at room temperature and dry, if possible. It should also be kept out of the reach of children.

If you open the box, you will not only find the CBD oil, but also additional information. This includes tips on how to take it (sublingual ingestion is recommended) and information about the taste of the CBD oil. All in all, we found the product professional looking and transparent.

Where can you buy the CBD oil?

You can buy the oil directly from the manufacturer in the online shop. It is currently available from £35. There are generally also often vouchers, discounts and competitions to reduce the price.

The range not only includes CBD oils, but also many other products such as CBD creams or CBD liquids

The dispatch takes place exclusively within the EU countries. When ordering, you have a choice of shipping methods:

  • Priority shipping: £5. 2-3 working days, free of charge when you spend £40.99
  • DHL Express: £14.70. 1-2 working days, free of charge when you spend £99.99.

The Nordic Oil products can often reach the minimum order value, which means that deliveries are usually free.

Nordic Oil recognise that due to recent unprecedented restrictions in place on travel and trade between the UK and mainland EU, there are increased delays witih delivery. Therefore Nordic Oil are sending out all orders with DHL Express Delivery, without any extra costs for you - another example of their customer focused approach.

In addition to this, if you have any concerns in relation to customs duty and shipping charges with products coming from the EU, Nordic has this covered.

Nordic Oil have assured customers they will cover any additional costs in this respect. The website gives all the information needed to ensure you, the customer, is not out of pocket.

Another fantastic benefit offered is a full refund if products are returned within 14 days of purchase. Returns are free of charge.

A number of deals are also offered on the website, such as 3 products for the price of 2 - you should always look out for offers! Most of the larger CBD brands will have these on offer.

Our experiences with the CBD oil from Nordic Oil

We tested the CBD oil from Nordic Oil with their 5% CBD Oil. Three different people took Nordic Oil for a few days and documented their experiences for us.

It is our goal to find out the best CBD oils for you. As always, one must remember that our experiences may not always reflect the experience you receive from a CBD product.

Every human organism is different and can therefore perceive the effects of CBD oil differently.

The colour of the CBD oil

The colour of Nordic Oil's CBD oil is quite clear compared to other oils we tested: yellow and gold. It doesn't look as dark and earthy as we know from other oils, which can be a lot darker.


As you know, the eye always plays a role in taste. We personally prefer a yellow, golden CBD oil than if it has a darker colour.

Taste and consistency

The taste of the CBD oil is very hemp-heavy. Which is logical. After all, it is a tincture with a hemp seed oil base, which makes up 90.9% of the oil. The other 9.1% consists of a hemp extract.

Nevertheless, we did not find the taste particularly intense, which is certainly a great advantage when taking it. Other oils we have tried can be very intense, and not altogether pleasant.

The bitter and strong hemp taste is not for everyone. So if you are looking for a milder CBD oil, Nordic Oil is the right product for you.

There is nothing extraordinary to report about the consistency, it is oily, as it should be for a CBD oil.

How to dose CBD oil.

Dosage is always an issue in itself. The manufacturer recommends one thing, other people recommend something something else, and every website has it's own opinion to offer.

Unfortunately the reason for this is that there cannot be a universal dosage. Everyone is different. In addition to the purpose of ingestion, body size and weight are also a decisive factor.

Finding the right dosage can require experimentatal adjustment - i​​t is important to find the right dosage for you.

At this point, you cannot always rely on the manufacturer's information. Often times, they set the recommended dosage as low as possible in order to avoid potential adhesion problems right from the start. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold it from you:

The product comes with a pipette, or dropper, which makes dosing easier. The packaging and bottle say that it is best to take 3 drops 1-2 times a day. 6 drops correspond to 12 mg cannabidiol.

According to the manufacturer, you should always shake the oil well before use, but be careful that the cap is really well closed.

It is recommended to drip the oil under your tongue and take the CBD sublinugally. Only swallow after 1-2 minutes. In this way, the CBD looks through the oral mucosa effectively and acts relatively quickly.

Many prefer to stand in front of a mirror. This way you can count the drops quite easily and know exactly how much you have just taken.

As we have already said, everyone should ultimately decide for themselves when and how much CBD oil to consume.

Effects and side effects

According to studies, CBD has a wide range of health benefits and can help with a variety of ailments. For example, stress, anxiety, pain relief and sleep problems, to name a few.

There is also strong evidence to suggest that CBD can be used in the treatment of epilepsy. In fact, the epilepsy drug Epidiolex is the first, and currently only, FDA‑approved prescription cannabidiol (CBD).

Our testers used the oil on a daily basis, all with different needs and everyone chose their own dosage.

Research shows that side effects from CBD have been reported. However, our understanding is that they are not common, they are few and they are minor. The most common side effects that have been reported include fatigue, diarrhoea, light-headedness and dry mouth. It is generally said that the benefits of CBD far outweight the side effects.

CBD for relaxation

As it turned out, the Nordic Oil was able to calm and relax our tester. The oil was taken after work, as giving our tester a chance to fully 'switch off'.

Of course, given the CBD oil's low concentration, a placebo effect cannot be ruled out.

A quick reminder here - you do not get high from CBD, it simply offers a calming effect. It is the more well-known THC (typically known as marijuana or cannabis) that has a psychoactive effect.

We also found that the CBD oil from Nordic Oil helped with sleep. Our test person reported that they slept more soundly and better during the nights. Although it was reported that it didn't work without waking up in the meantime.

Our tester did cease taking the Nordic Oil after a some time due to the taste of the oil, which she found unpleasant. She shared that she would've preferred a hemp tea before bed.

Is this something for athletes too?

Our third person is an athlete. He wanted to try out whether the oil could help him with regeneration, sleep or pain after training. However, he shared that did not really feel any effect from the oil.

Again, this could be due to the fact that the oil has a very low concentration of 5%. Our tester replayed that he would've liked to try a higher concentration.

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots shows that CBD can also be of interest to athletes . He even formally advertises the use of CBD. Thanks to the cannabinoid, he is free from pain. A big win for an American football player.

During our test, we had no experience with the already rather low and harmless side effects of CBD.

You should keep the CBD oil out of the reach of small children. Although the WHO classifies CBD as safe, and CBD can be used for children this is still good practice. Also, pregnant women should be wary and consult a doctor before taking CBD. There is currently no evidence to show CBD is harmful to unborn babies or pregnant mothers, but there simply isn't enough studies to ensure certainty.

Value for money?

Value for money is pretty good with Nordic Oil. You get a good product that is high quality. According to the manufacturer, the 10 ml bottle contains around 250 drops.

Provided that the manufacturer's recommended daily dose of 3-6 drops is adhered to, the oil can be used for about 41-83 days. Which is a considerable period of time.

And as already mentioned above, delivery costs are reasonable.

Nordic Oil have taken into consideration current issues, such as delivery delays due to the pandemic and post-Brexit complications, and have taken steps to ensure the customer is taken care of.

Testing could not find any THC in Nordic Oil

According to the laboratory report, there is no THC in the 5% oil from Nordic Oil . Not even 0.2%, which would still be within the supposedly permitted framework.

Testing found no trace of THC in the 5% Nordic Oil at all. THC is the cannabinoid which gets you 'high'.

A small disadvantage, however, is that there aren't really many other cannabinoids in the oil. At least not as a larger proportion. Nevertheless, it is a full spectrum without chemical additives, in which only 100% organic hemp was used.

CBD oil from Nordic Oil - our conclusion

Overall, we can say that we were quite satisfied with the oil from Nordic Oil. It is a reputable manufacturer that offers a wide range of CBD products and all of them are produced and sold with great care. Nordic Oil also takes legal regulations very seriously. We were also impressed with the offer of any additional customs duty and VAT charges being covered.

In terms of price, Nordic Oil's oils may be a bit more expensive than those of the competition. But you do get a lot in return.

For example, the very helpful customer service, which can be contacted quickly and easily via chat in the online shop. And compared to certain other manufacturers, the oils are not that expensive for this level of quality.

After we have tested the 5% oil, we are looking forward to many more products from Nordic Oil that we can still try! In particular the skincare products from the Nordic cosmetics range.

In the supplied information booklet you can find some useful information about Nordic Oil and CBD. / Photo: © Green & Simple UK

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