Naturecan CBD Oil

Our experience report of the Naturecan CBD oil

Naturecan is an English company that manufactures hemp and CBD products in the USA. There they are also analysed and tested in detail.

Naturecan has a very broad range of products. You can even buy a CBD peanut butter! But more on that below.

We decided on the Naturecan 10% CBD oil and tested it extensively for a few weeks. Naturecan offer a range of broadspectrum CBD oil concentrations from 2.5% to 40%.

Read on to see how the 10% CBD oil went for us!

Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan CBD Oil... in a nutshell

  • Naturecan appear to be passionate about producing high-quality CBD products and has its products checked very thoroughly
  • Naturecan have an impressive range of products
  • The oil is said to contain zero THC
  • The oil is full spectrum, which means the user will benefit from the entourage effect.
  • The taste is comparatively mild and less hemp-heavy
  • Good value for money

Detailed product description of the Naturecan oil

Before we go into the product itself, let's have a look and what Naturecan is and who's behind it.

Who is Naturecan?

Naturecan is a British company. They have a head office in Stockport but manufacture their CBD products in the USA. Production takes place in Oregon on the west coast.

Naturecan was founded in May 2019 by Andy Duckworth and Paul Finnegan. The company appears passionate about offering high quality, safe and effective hemp derived CBD, as well as other health related products. For example, dietary supplements, 5-htp, multivitamins, green tea extract and cod liver oil.

Naturecan state on their website that every member of the Naturecan team has a professional background in wellness and health.

The aim has been to offer a herbal alternative to common health problems. And to achieve this, safe CBD products extracted from hemp are sold.

CBD is a lifestyle product with which people could lead a healthier, more relaxed and pain-free life.

In order to enable consistently high quality CBD products, Naturecan pays a great deal of attention to thorough laboratory processes during production.

Naturecan's commitment to high quality products was demonstrated when they entered into a partnership with BAS Research, which are the first licensed hemp farmers and researchers in California.

They are also a member of the ACI ( which is a CBD Industry Trade Body committed to 'nurturing a safe, legal and well-regulated CBD market in the UK''.

In addition to this, Naturecan appear to have a heavy focus on sustainability. Reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to conservation charities.

Which ingredients are contained in Naturecan oil?

Naturecan's CBD oil consists of a 100% pure organic MCT carrier oil that is mixed with broad-spectrum terpenes and cannabidiol. Ultimately, Naturecan Oil always contains smaller amounts of other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC or CBDA.

This means that the Naturecan oil counts as a full spectrum extract and enables entourage effect. The different cannabinoid compounds work synergistically together, which means that the effect is higher than if only a single cannabinoid were present.

Naturecan Oil always contains smaller amounts of other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC or CBDA, this means that the Naturecan oil counts as a full spectrum extract and enables the 'entourage effect'.

Naturecan appears to great care in relation to the safety of their products and producing the highest quality CBD. Every biomass that reaches Naturecan's production facilities are tested first. But the finished end product is also examined before it leaves the production plant. And finally, the oils are checked for safety and potency by third party lab testing.

With this complex safety procedure, Naturecan excludes the possibility of pesticides, microorganisms or solvent residues in the product.

The Naturecan oil should not contain THC

Naturecan's CBD oil does not contain THC (the substance normally equated with cannabis use, the one which gets you 'high'). The extraction system extracts only the CBD and other valuable substances from the plant. Unnatural substances and THC are filtered out.

The CBD oil is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A total of 750mg cannabidiol is contained in the 10ml bottle with a 10 percent CBD concentration.

The Naturecan oil packaging

The Naturecan oil is delivered in white, simple packaging with the company logo. On this packaging - as with a lot, but not all, CBD oils - you can find some information about the oil, its consumption and storage.

The manufacturer recommends keeping the oil in a cool, dry place that is out of the reach of children. It is recommended by Naturecan that pregnant women should refrain from taking it.

Where can you buy the CBD oil?

Naturecan CBD oil appears to be predominantly available in the manufacturer's online shop, although we have seen it for sell via third party sellers.

However, the Naturecan site is user-friendly and professional, and has all the third party lab test results available to see. You can order your products quickly and easily and have it delivered to your home. There are also often discounts and offers available for you.

Delivery takes about 3-5 days and free next day delivery is offered for orders over £50, otherwise the cost is just £2.99. There is no premium shipping that allows the goods to arrive faster.

Naturecan also offer a 25% student discount. As well as an option to return the products under a 'no-quibble' 14-day guarantee.

Our experiences with the Naturecan CBD oil

We have extensively tested the Naturecan 10% CBD oil for some time. It can be a minefield of information in the world of CBD. We're here to share our experiences with you, so that you are better informed when making a purchase decision.

Always remember thoguh, that our individual differences vary so greatly that you could have different experiences with Naturecan oil than we had.

The colour of the oil

The comparatively light colour of Naturecan oil is striking. The colour is greenish gold, but largely transparent. In contrast to other oils, the liquid is not very cloudy.

The consistency of the oil is obviously oily, but at the same time not very thick. Purely in terms of colour and consistency, the Naturecan oil is somewhat reminiscent of the CBD oils from Nordic Oil.


Naturecan oil: taste

A particularly important point with CBD oils is the taste. And this is where Naturecan stands out from other oils that we have already tested. The Naturecan oil doesn't taste that intense.

It tastes a bit watery and nutty. The hemp taste takes a back seat. This could be a big advantage for some. Many people avoid CBD oils because they don't like the strong taste at all.

The hemp taste is not completely gone - the Naturecan CBD oil is also a bit bitter in the aftertaste - but much less intense than we know from other oils.

Naturecan CBD 10% - How do I dose the oil?

In general, one needs to bear in mind that there no one correct dosage for everyone. Every human organism is simply far too individual for this.

We should also be clear that 'more' is not necessarily 'better' in regards to dosage. The effect is not immediately more significant if you consume more CBD, it just doesn't work like this, however logical this may seem. It is always best to start low and work your way up.

It is best to take the CBD oil sublingually. The manufacturer also recommends this. To do this, drip the oil under your tongue, keep it there for 30-60 seconds, then swallow it. With this variant, CBD is absorbed faster by the body and can then develop its effects.

In no case should you take more than 15 drops in 24 hours and discuss the intake with a doctor if you are taking other medications. This could lead to unwanted interactions (e.g. with Omeparzol or similar).

Effect and side effects

During our test period, we had good experiences with the Naturecan oil. We tested the oils for several weeks.

Our test subjects took the oil for varying different reasons. This included: reducing stress, fears or to cope with sleep problems. But others also took it for lifestyle reasons, just to feel more comfortable.

It is best to take the CBD oil sublingually. To do this, you drip the oil under your tongue and keep it there for 30-60 seconds.

We felt that the Naturecan CBD oil had a calming and relaxing effect on us. In some situations we felt a lot less anxious and weren't so stressed.

With regards to falling asleep or staying asleep, we could not feel any real effect. We did not experience any side effects.

Is Naturecan good value for money?

The 10% concentration of Naturecan oil costs £54.99 and at this price is about as expensive as comparable manufacturers.

You shouldn't forget that you usually only use a few drops of the oil and that it can therefore last quite a long time. It doesn't work out too expensive over a couple of months. Therefore, we would describe the value for money as good.

Other Products from Naturecan

Naturecan in particular has a good range of products. As well as the CBD oil, they offer a CBG oil - hailed as some as 'the new CBD on the block'. They offer softgel capsules, balms, beauty products and e-liquids to vape.

In addition to this they offer a variety of snacks. This includes chocolate, brownies, gummies, cookies and peanut butter (although Naturecan refer to it as 'nut butter') - at Christmas they even offer a CBD advent calender!

Naturecan also offer some vegan products, including vegan cbd capsules and oils. Their products are sometimes blended with other supplements and vitamins to boost the benefits you recieve. For example, Naturecan offer a CBD oil blended with curcumin longa root (an the active ingredient of the turmeric) and plant-based D3. Research has suggested that curcumin can offer benefits such as inflammatory conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), obesity, arthritis, anxiety, and genetic disorders that result in a high level of lipids (fats, cholesterol and triglycerides). It is also said that it could be useful to athletes, with improved recovery times and performance, as well as helping with inflammation and sore muscles.

Vitamin D3 - also described as the 'sun vitamin' is produced when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Our bodies soak it in, metabolise and it keeps us healthy in a number of ways. For example, it's good for our bones, muscles, immunity and heart function. It is also said to help with our mood and weight loss. Interestingly, research suggets that more than a billion people worldwide have a insufficient vitamin D intake or have a vitamin D deficiency.

Naturecan offer a number of CBD products for fitness, such as protein balls, topical creams, massage oils and muscle balms (including cooling menthol and chilli heat!), arnica creams (with witch hazel) and whey protein. A vegan option is available here too.

CBD oil from Naturecan - our conclusion

Naturecan is a high quality CBD oil with 0% THC. We particularly liked the mild taste, which is significantly less hemp-heavy compared to other oils. The bitter hemp taste is not completely gone (in the USA there are oils with a mint taste, for example), but we found the taste of the oil better than other CBD oils.

The value for money and the fast delivery time speak in favour of buying Naturecan CBD oil.

Even more on the topic:

  • More Naturecan products

    There are four different variants of the oils . Naturecan offers its oils in concentrations of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. So there is something for everyone. The base of the oil is always the same. Only the CBD content was adjusted accordingly. 

    But if you don't like CBD oils in general, you can switch to other products. Good alternatives would be either liquids or capsules with CBD . Both products are available in the Naturecan online shop. Three different products are also sold from the CBD Liquids. They differ mainly in taste. The flavours are offered: menthol, strawberry and citrus fruit. The liquids always contain 10ml of liquid. 

    There is a very large selection of capsules. Here you can choose between the classic CBD capsules, each with 5mg CBD and other nutritional supplements. You can also buy capsules with green tea extract or vitamin capsules . This form of administration of CBD has the advantage that it is completely tasteless when taken. Capsules are therefore particularly recommended for people who are sensitive to the taste of hemp (even if Naturecan is not that intense in our experience). Again, it is disadvantageous that the effect occurs relatively slowly because of the uptake of the stomach

    Naturecan also has something in its range for cosmetics fans, offering CBD creams, lip balm and a CBD massage oil. Even a cooling muscle balm mixed with menthol is offered. 

    Last but not least, you can also use CBD foods in the Naturecan online shop . For example, there is a peanut butter that has been mixed with CBD or a CBD nut butter with honey salt. CBD gummy bears are also available. 

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