CBD and chocolate

CBD chocolate - is this the new trend?

There will always be new chocolate creations. There will also be rehashes of the old chocolates in new - not that we're complaining. We love a Cadbury's oreo chocolate bar as much as the next person!

What does feel quite new, however, is chocolate containing CBD. For chocolate lovers and CBD lovers alike, this sounds like a very promising partnership.

In this article we'll explore what CBD chocolate actually is and what you should look for when buying it.

CBD and chocolate

CBD and chocolate... in a nutshell

  • There are many different variations of chocolate with CBD content, including full spectrum.
  • The CBD takes a little longer to work because the chocolate has to be digested to release the CBD.
  • CBD is generally considered to be well tolerated. Only a few and minor side effects are known.
  • As a rule, CBD chocolate is not as strong as some other CBD products. If you are keen for your CBD intake to be low, this may be ideal for you.
  • The EU's Novel Food Regulation is still causing difficulties for CBD in food, although Brexit may change all that...

I know what chocolate is (obvs), but what's CBD?

CBD is the shorthand form for cannabidiol, which is one of the many active ingredients in the cannabis plant. CBD is said to be a promising remedy for many different diseases and treatments, including pain relief. This is already evident from some studies.

CBD has a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effect. Unlike the more well-known active ingredient THC, CBD does not lead to intoxication and is non-psychoactive It also does not have a psychoactive effect and does not make you physically dependent.

The World Health Organisation also has CBD covered. Their report states that CBD is a safe substance.

The CBD chocolate effect

As with other products containing CBD, the cannabinoid interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system. This system is distributed all over the body and plays an important role in many different body processes.

The receptors of that system can be affected by cannabinoids like CBD. In addition, messenger substances are inhibited or their release is promoted, depending on the cannabinoid.

However, the onset of action can take a little while with CBD chocolate. This is because CBD is only broken down in the stomach after the chocolate is digested.

If you prefered to feel the effects of CBD quicker, you may wish to try CBD Oil, or CBD vaping liquid. When ingested this way, you would feel the effect of CBD oil (dropped under the tongue) or CBD liquid (vaped and inhaled into the lungs) much more quickly as it passes straight across the body's membranes without the need for moving down digestive tract.

If you wanted to give CBD to your children, chocolates could be a great method.

If you wanted to give CBD to your children, chocolates could be a great method. But not too many!

What side effects can occur when taking CBD?

Despite the fact that CBD is generally recognised as safe, side effects can occur. However, the side effects known so far are rather minor and less intense than with other chemical drugs.

The most common side effects include: nausea, fatigue, dizziness, lethargy and a dry mouth. These are also much less harmful than with THC.

Of course, intolerances or allergies could also occur with the CBD chocolate. So you should always pay attention to any allergens (e.g. nuts). As the world of CBD expands, we begin to see a great variety of products offered. For example, gluten free chocolate and cacao based products. Chocolatiers all over the world are offering more options all the time.

CBD has a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effect

What can CBD chocolate help with?

We know what you're thinking... what can't chocolate help with?!

In theory, CBD chocolate could help wherever CBD can be useful. However, the CBD content in chocolate is quite low in comparison to other CBD products. CBD itself has become known for being able to remedy depression, epilepsy or even sleep disorders.

We did wonder whether CBD in chocolate was simply a trend that brings a new taste to the chocolate world. But given the properties of CBD, there is definitely therapeutic potential. For example, CBD in chocolate can still strengthen your immune system and the body can benefit from the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. We felt the same about CBD gummies, and this was certainly not the case. And as everyone's dosage requirements differ, a lower CBD intake may be just what you're after.

If you are already taking medical cannabis, a chocolate that contains cannabinoids can be quite useful. The sweet taste of chocolate can be used to soften the cannabis taste, which for some people is not always particularly tasty.

Of course, one should also pay attention to the sugar content when choosing the chocolate. After all, excessive sugar/chocolate consumption is also not particularly healthy and may lead to other health issues.

What kind of CBD chocolates are there?

CBD infused chocolate has become one of the most popular edibles in the cannabis world. The reason for this is probably also the exotic and imaginative compositions of the manufacturers.

Often (besides the CBD) the chocolates are mixed with cocoa beans from Madagascar and certain fruits.

The proportion of CBD can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some choose 60-100 mg of CBD oil, others only choose about 15 mg. In the end, the percentage of course also depends on the size of the bar.

Many companies are passionate about sourcing ingredients ethically and using only natural ingredients. There are also vegan-friendly options available. Having said this, typically CBD chocolate does contain, as well as cocoa mass, emulsifiers such as soya lecithin. It is always important to check the ingredients before consuming.

Broad-spectrum CBD, also known as full spectrum CBD, means that CBD is mixed with other cannabinoids and terpenes to create the entourage effect. Which means effect of CBD is enhanced. Naturecan is one of the companies that only use broadspectrum CBD in their products.

Naturecan use only broad-spectrum CBD, which contains multiple cannabinoids that work together to produce an entourage effect.

You can buy both dark and white chocolate. Some producers also use hemp seeds in their chocolate snacks. These then ensure a crunchy texture to the chocolate.

There are even extra power bars for athletes. In addition to the CBD, these then contain important nutrients and vitamins and of course as little sugar as possible.

We've seen CBD hot chocolate, CBD chocolate spread and CBD chocolate ice-cream! With more products emerging all the time, if you want to take CBD and you're a chocolate lover - 2021 is the year for you!

Where can you buy CBD chocolate in the UK?

You can buy chocolate with CBD in various online shops. Well-known manufacturers are Lovechock and Euphoria. But there are also manufacturers in other parts of the world who also deliver their chocolate to the UK.

Having said this, ordering abroad could lead to customs problems. For example, Switzerland, widely considered one of the homes or chocolate, different regulations apply to CBD than in the UK. Whilst in Switzerland a THC share of 1% may be contained in chocolate, in the UK this is zero.

This also potentially becomes more complicated now the UK is no longer in the EU.

Alternatively, you can buy your CBD chocolate in hemp shops which you should be able to find locally.

Naturecan chocolate is available as milk and dark chocolate.

We tried the delicious Naturecan milk chocolate with a CBD content of 20mg per 10g pack. The chocolate already has a unique taste of its own, recognisable from other CBD products, but the whole milk tastes quite similar to that of normal chocolate.

As a small snack, the Naturecan chocolate is great. You don't have to worry about THC with this product. Because according to the manufacturer, the chocolate is completely THC-free. You can order the Naturecan products directly from their online shop!

Are chocolates containing CBD legal in the UK?

As explained on our legal eagle page, at present food products and dietary supplements containing CBD are considered as 'novel foods', which is the name that is given by the EU to any products on the market now that were not regularly consumed by humans in the EU before 1997.

Now, this may change as the UK moves ever further away from the EU as part of the seemingly neverending Brexit process, but at present the UK has decided to continue to follow the same approach as the EU. In fact, the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has decided to enforce this for UK even after leaving the EU.

In essense, this means that manufacturers of novel foods required to submit applications to the relevant governing bodies in line with the regulations. We won't bore you with the when, where and how here. Suffice to say that you should check the CBD chocolates you buy have the relevant certification and, as with all CBD products, check the ingredients!

Have you ever eaten CBD chocolate?

We have recently been able to try out some CBD chocolate bars. We particularly liked the chocolate from Euphoria. The manufacturer also offers different versions with different levels of CBD. We tested the chocolates with 12 mg and 18 mg of CBD.


The chocolate tasted a bit of hemp, but much less so than CBD gummy bears. Overall, we thought the CBD chocolate tasted great!

Chocolate bars tend to be divided into generous pieces, making dosing relatively easy.

We do however, have to say that we have not felt a significant effect from the CBD in these chocolate bars. We think that the chocolate would be best used as a small snack in between using other CBD products.


We would recommend eating the chocolate about 20-30 minutes before going to bed. This is because the the effect only occurs after a certain time. CBD is only broken down in the stomach and there it reaches the body via the gastric mucosa. If you are sensitively to sugary products which affecr your sleep, this may not be a suitable option for you.

Taking the CBD chocolate

There's not much to say about taking CBD chocolate. Everyone knows how to eat chocolate. And you don't have to do anything else with the CBD chocolate. Just eat it!

Some manufacturers do not recommend that small children or pregnant people consume chocolate.

How do you dose the chocolate?

There is no one-size-fits-all dosage recommendation for any CBD product. This is because every organism reacts differently to CBD. The dosage does, however, depend on how high the CBD percentage is and what you want to achieve with the intake of CBD.

The chocolate bar is divided into pieces, which makes dosing easier

As always, don't overdo it and choose a healthy balance. As with any chocolate, it is advisable not to overeat.

Are there any other CBD products?

In addition to CBD chocolate, there are some other products that contain the active ingredient cannabidiol. This may be as a food, food supplement or as a cosmetic product.

The most popular products include CBD oil, CBD liquids and CBD capsules. They can actually be found in every online shop and in every hemp shop. If you want to have CBD in its purest form, you should buy CBD crystals.

Different products work differently for everyone, find the one that's right for you.

If you want to try other cannabis foods after chocolate, you'll be spoiled for choice. From CBD coffee, hemp tea and CBD lemonade, to CBD gummy bears (we;ve also tried them) to CBD chewing gum!

Naturecan in particularly offers a wide variety of CBD food products. In addition to chocolate, you can also buy CBD cookies or even CBD peanut butter. Compared to chocolate, peanut butter has a much more intense hemp taste and is more suitable for experienced people in the CBD area.

We love peanut butter here and Green & Simple. The perfect start to a CBD infused day!


We LOVE this Naturecan CBD cookie!
CBD gummy bears are a great product to use inbetween CBD oils. They are discreet and easy to carry around.

Even cosmetic products such as shampoo, shower gel or cocoa butter are already available in combination with CBD. But we find the CBD cream particularly interesting. It is particularly beneficial for skin problems or joint pain.

As you can see, there is something for everyone in the large CBD product range.

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