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CBD is probably something you have heard of by now, but maybe you're unsure what it actually is. Or perhaps you already know a little and would like to know more!

Green & Simple are here to answer all the questions you have about CBD - What is CBD? How can it help me? What effect will it have on me? Is it legal!?

There is of course a lot to clarify about CBD. With the current regulations and grey areas it can be confusing... we're here to help.

  • What is CBD?
  • What is the difference between CBD and THC?
  • Does CBD also cause side effects?
  • How is CBD oil made?
  • Can you take CBD while pregnant?
  • Is CBD safe for children?
  • How do I know which CBD product to use?

We took a closer look at all of these topics (and of course many more). So don't hesitate and let's answer your questions!

Our CBD guide

An overview of all things CBD...

All about CBD...


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Who we are

The world is slowly beginning to realise the benefits of CBD. Human studies remain in their infancy but the results so far are extremely promising, and the success stories we are hearing are beyond inspiring.

We think CBD is amazing and we've made it our goal to provide you with the best possible information and feedback to help you decide if CBD is right for you. For our content, we research and evaluate the latest studies and sources from the multiple sources in the US and the UK.