Are you looking for pain relief? A break from anxiety? Has conventional medication failed you and now you're looking for an alternative? CBD could help.

CBD is a legal, safe and natural compound that has been helping millions of people (and pets!) with a variety of ailments.

This website is your essential guide to all things CBD. We'll explain the science behind CBD, the grey areas in CBD products’ legality, the different types of CBD you can use and what CBD might be able to help you with. We will also review products and share firsthand experiences of products.

This is an exciting time for CBD! Whilst we are still behind in terms of human studies, there's already a lot of positive feedback from CBD use. People who have been on medication for decades, advised by doctors that their conditions will never improve, have seen amazing results. And there are some who claim the opposite - we explore all this here!

Where we think this website can really help you is by providing those validated first-hand experiences but also explaining the science behind CBD as simply as possible.

A good place to start would be with an intro to what exactly CBD is!


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