Candropharm CBD Oil

Candropharm100 - test and experience

Candropharm is a Dutch company that specialises in the production of high-purity CBD products. The Candropharm100 - tested by us - is a concentrated CBD oil. It consists of pure CBD and hemp oil.

Candropharm's CBD oils are considered to be of high quality and are made from certified organic European hemp. According to the manufacturer, all products should be free of THC.

Another special feature is the filter process with which the manufacturer produces the CBD oils. The CBD crystals are said to be 99.5% pure.

Our test subjects tried the Candropharm oil for a few days. These are our experiences with the 10% oil from Candropharm!


Candropharm oil... in a nutshell

  • Thanks to a technical filter process, the CBD oils from Candropharm could be among the purest oils ever.
  • Very mild taste, strong effect - at least in our test!
  • The Candropharm100 is not a full spectrum oil. However, these are also available in a wide range.

Product description

Who is the manufacturer of Candropharm?

Everyone knows the Dutch coffee shops where you can legally consume different cannabis products, such as THC. This is because cannabis has already been decriminalised in the Netherlands - in contrast to the UK. Naturally, the Dutch are ahead of us in the field of ​​CBD.


Thanks to the most modern cultivation and manufacturing methods, Dutch cannabis products are among the best in the world. Candropharm is no exception.

The manufacturer is known for its state-of-the-art production. The new Candropharm products Nano Ultra and Heneplex are among the first products in the world to be produced using nanotechnology.

Manufacture and ingredients

For the production of the CBD oils, Candropharm uses certified organic hemp from Europe. It claims to be completely free of herbicides, pesticides, flavours or additives.

The CBD from these plants is extracted, creating CBD crystals. Thanks to modern filter technology, it is possible that the CBD crystals are 99.5% pure.

According to the manufacturer, this is the highest value in the world. The CBD crystals are added to hemp oil, which forms the basis of Candropharm100 10% oil.

The Candropharm100 CBD oil should actually only consist of CBD and hemp oil. For this purpose, the manufacturer deliberately refrained from referring to this oil as full-spectrum oil.

If you prefer to use full-spectrum oils, don't worry! Oils of this type are also available in the Candropharm range.

They are said to have higher concentrations of other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBC, or CBG. Full-spectrum oils are suspected of promoting the entourage effect better than concentrated oils.

Candropharm100 is a 10% CBD oil from the wide range. In addition, 2.5%, 5%, 15% and 25% are offered. In addition to the high purity, another special feature is that the oils should be completely THC-free. Incidentally, this is similar with CBD Vital or NordicOil.

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that triggers the intoxicating feeling that cannabis users experience. THC is the reason why the cannabis plant has long been demonised, although research suggests THC certainly also has some valuable medicinal properties.


Candropharm100 10% oil is supplied in a dark brown 10ml bottle, which protects the oil from the effects of light. The bottle comes in a white packaging which creates a rather medicinal look.


Sale, delivery and price

As far as we know, Candropharm's CBD products are only sold online. The delivery takes place by maxi letter from Cologne and - if the order is placed before 4 p.m. - is carried out immediately.

It is outstanding that the manufacturer also offers a 30-day right of return. So if the CBD oil doens't work out for you, you can return it and get your money back.

The Candropharm100 CBD oil costs € 55.95 (approximately £51) per 10ml bottle. Each bottle should contain around 1000 mg of CBD, which, according to the manufacturer, corresponds to around 200 drops.

Our experience with Candropharm100

Colour and taste

The 10% CBD oil from Candropharm has an almost golden color. This is partly due to the hemp oil used and the high purity.

Because practically only CBD and hemp oil should be in this oil. We also found the taste to be very mild, almost neutral in taste.

For the production of the CBD oils, Candropharm uses certified organic hemp from Europe. It should be completely free of herbicides, pesticides, flavours or additives.


The manufacturer recommends a maximum of 10 drops per day on its website. This can be either 2-3 x 3 drops per day or 1-2 x 5 drops of Candropharm100.

The CBD oil is dripped under the tongue using the pipette, where it gets into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes. The oil should not be swallowed.


However, in our opinion, there can be no binding dosage recommendation. Everyone reacts slightly differently to CBD oil, everyone is different and may take the oil for a specific purpose.

Overall, in our experience, it is advisable to start with a low dose and then gradually increase it if necessary.

If you are taking other medications, you should also speak to your doctor.

Effects and side effects

We tested the Candropharm100 for a few days and noted the effects and side effects. Note, of course, that these are very subjective and this does not necessarily mean you will experience similar effects.

Our first test person suffers from insomnia and has a lot of stress in everyday life. She's testing CBD oil because she hopes it will help her fall asleep.

The 10% oil from Candropharm had a relaxing effect on her. She reported her stress was alleviated, which subsequently had a positive effect on falling asleep.

Although the sleep disorder did not diminsh completed, our tester reported that the ability to sleep right through the night increased and she felt better rested the next morning.

Our second person in the test suffers from osteoarthritis and has regular pain. CBD oil is also said to have analgesic effects and our test subject hoped the CBD would reduce the pain.

Our tester reported that the Candropharm100 10% oil was able to alleviate the pain slightly, although a residual pain remained. Patients know that osteoarthritis can be chronic and sadly cannot be cured.


The third test person tried CBD oil for general wellbeing. He does not suffer from any particular illness or other ailment.

Immediately after taking the CBD oil from Candropharm, he felt that a relaxing feeling set in. Our test person found that very pleasant. He didn't feel any other effects and he reported to us that he would happily take it more regularly.

All test persons describe a very mild, almost neutral taste. None of our people felt an intoxicating feeling. That makes sense, of course, because Candropharm100 is THC-free and CBD has no intoxicating effects.

Since the Candropharm100 CBD oil is not called full spectrum oil, it can be assumed that the concentration of other cannabinoids and terpenes will be quite low.

The catchphrase of the “entourage effect” represents that the synergistic interaction of different cannabinoids and terpenes can develop a higher medical effectiveness.

Value for money

Candropharm is a Dutch company, however they do deliver to the UK. This comes at the reasonable price of € 7.79 (roughly £7) for delivery in 6 to 7 working days, or € 20.12 (roughly £18) for next post day delivery.

At € 55.95 for 1000 mg of CBD, which roughly works out at about £51, this oil is neither expensive nor cheap . We believe that the extremely high purity achieved through the modern manufacturing process of certified organic hemp justifies the price.

Each bottle contains around 1000 mg of CBD, which corresponds to around 200 drops. Even with a high dose of 10 drops a day, a bottle should last for around 20 days.

That would correspond to a maximum price of € 2.79 / £2.50per day for the highest dosage. We feel this is very reasonable if it can improve your quality of life.

Our conclusion

Candropharm is a serious, progressive manufacturer from the Netherlands who knows what they're doing. The Candropharm100 is a highly pure product, which may not score as much in terms of the entourage effect as a full-spectrum oil (which the manufacturer also has on offer).


In our experience, the CBD oil performed well. We felt a clear effect and no significant side effects. We also found the fast delivery and the 30-day risk-free return policy, which we do not know from other manufacturers, to be positive.

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