CBD - where should I start?

CBD - where should I start?

With the growing interest in CBD, the different types of products you can get are increasing all the time. CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD liquid, CBD creams, CBD lollipops, CBD chocolate, CBD sleeping masks - the end is quite endless and sometimes quite bizarre! Products with cannabidiol are currently on everyone's lips. And not only in the food industry, but also in the field of medicine and naturopathy.

We’re here to advise which products really work. We have compared several of the main types of products and will be sharing with you the most effective CBD products we have found. We would love to hear from you with your success stories.

CBD - where should I start?

What exactly does CBD do?

CBD (short form for cannabidiol) is the main active ingredient of the cannabis plant. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD is not psychoactive and is not physically dependent .

The WHO recently classified CBD as safe and confirmed that it does not pose a health risk. You can read the WHO report here.

Another advantage is that CBD has few side effects. These include, for example, dry mouth or drowsiness.

Therefore, CBD can also be a real alternative to more powerful drugs. However, certain drugs that are broken down in the liver can interact with cannabidiol.

Because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, CBD is believed to have great therapeutic potential. CBD is said to have a calming, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesic and antispasmodic effect.

Are CBD products expensive?

The prices of the CBD products can vary depending on the type. Here, of course, it depends on the corresponding manufacturing process, but also on the concentration of the cannabidiol.

For example, CBD oils with a CBD content of 2% are a lot cheaper than an oil with 20% CBD.

You should also keep an eye on discount codes that are regularly offered.

Overview of the main CBD products

CBD oil

The CBD oil is one of the most popular and widely used cannabidiol products. They consist of a CBD extract from the female cannabis plant .

In some cases, another base oil, such as olive oil or hemp oil, is added to the extract.

The cannabis oils are usually available in different concentrations of CBD . For example, 2%, 5% or 15% are common. But there are also more concentrated oils with a CBD content of 30%.

CBD oils are recommended as full spectrum extracts . So you benefit from other ingredients (other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes or fatty acids) even more useful effects.

However, it should be noted that the THC content of the oils must not exceed 0.2% . Otherwise the CBD oil would not be marketable and should not be sold.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Lighter dosage
  • Ideal for travel or overnight stays
  • Unflavoured
  • It doesn't smell
  • Ingestion is faster
  • Effect may last longer (through stomach uptake)
  • Quantity of capsules cannot be changed
  • Effect occurs later
  • Not suitable for people who do not like to swallow pills

The taking of the CBD oil is quite simple. It is best to let the oil drip directly under the tongue and let the oil dissolve there a little before swallowing it. This means that the CBD is absorbed very quickly through the oral mucosa.

CBD capsules

You can also take CBD in the form of capsules. Here the oil is encased in a capsule with an easily digestible material . Similar to other dietary supplements or tablets.

The capsules are usually vegan and gluten-free . Compared to CBD oil or CBD liquids, the capsules are much easier to consume and dose. You just have to swallow it.

Once in the stomach, the capsules are dissolved by the stomach acid and the oil can be consumed by the body. However, this advantage has the disadvantage that the effect of the effect via the intestinal wall and the liver metabolism last a little longer .

Capsules are also available in different concentrations. With certain manufacturers, the CBD content can even be 50% .

Beginners should choose a lower concentration at the beginning. Capsules are especially suitable for those who do not like the smell or taste of a CBD oil.

Advantages of CBD capsules Disadvantages of CBD capsules
  • Lighter dosage
  • Ideal for travel or overnight stays
  • Unflavoured
  • It doesn't smell
  • Ingestion is faster
  • Effect may last longer (through stomach uptake)
  • Quantity of capsules cannot be changed
  • Effect occurs later
  • Not suitable for people who do not like to swallow pills

CBD cream

A CBD cream should not be missing either. It is available as a face and hand cream and many other variations. Creams with CBD are good for treating skin conditions such as acne or inflammation. The cream can also be used for pain in joints and bones or for arthrosis and arthritis .

To use, you just have to rub the cream on the appropriate areas and let it work in for a few minutes.

CBD flowers

CBD flowers are often referred to as CBD grass and stand out because of their high concentration. These are dried flowers or buds of hemp plants that are rich in CBD and poor in THC from the start .

By inhaling with a vaporizer, the active ingredients quickly get into the body. Theoretically, you can smoke the flowers, which is why they come closest to classic marijuana consumption.

Despite the fact that with CBD weed - provided the THC content is at most 0.2% - no intoxicating or psychoactive effect is caused, the flowers are not marketable and therefore also illegal.

Because the flowers could be boiled in alcohol with great effort and thus increase the THC content. And it is precisely because of this abstract risk of abuse that the flowers are illegal. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to buy it.

CBD Liquid

If you would like to inhale cannabidiol via a vaporizer or an e-cigarette , you should get CBD Liquid. These are liquid CBD preparations which, in addition to CBD, contain other ingredients such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

The liquids can be bought in different concentrations (02% -6%) . For beginners, it is again advisable to start with a lower concentration.

CBD liquids are absorbed very quickly through the evaporation and thus unfold its effect within a few minutes.

Benefits of the CBD Liquid Disadvantages of the CBD liquid
  • Vaping quickly possible (even on the go)
  • Toxins are filtered out better
  • Better than just smoking
  • Taste can be chosen
  • Not possible without appropriate alignment (e-cigarette, vaporizer, etc.)
  • Still harmful from inhalation

CBD crystals

With the crystals you get CBD in its purest form . CBD crystals can have a concentration of up to 99% . The THC content is often zero. Visually, the crystals are reminiscent of powdered sugar.

BD crystals can be absorbed in a number of ways . It can be taken orally, by inhalation, or through food. With the latter, it would be conceivable to add it to muesli or yogurt.

On the other hand, the small crystals can also be dissolved in a normal oil (linseed oil etc.) and then consumed.

Benefits of CBD crystals Disadvantages of CBD crystals
  • Highest possible purity
  • Very flexible income options
  • Can also be dissolved in oil
  • Delayed effect when mixed with food
  • Accessories are required for evaporation

CBD gummy bears

In addition to all the product selection, there is one thing we definitely don't want to neglect: the CBD gummy bears. Yes, there are also those with the trendy cannabinoid. Not with every manufacturer, however.

A candy that in the best of cases even has therapeutic potential doesn't sound bad at first. Some of them don't even taste bad at all.

Since the active ingredients are only broken down and absorbed in the stomach, it can take a while (around 60 minutes) before an effect can be expected.

Other foods with CBD

Of course there are a number of other products with CBD . The food industry in particular has been hit by the CBD boom.

You can find CBD drinks and CBD snacks in hemp shops or online .

With hemp butter, hemp pesto and hemp oil for cooking, there are many other products that are further processed from a conventional hemp plant. You can also find hemp tea or hemp chocolate on the market .

Other CBD cosmetic products

Cosmetic products that contain CBD are said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. They are therefore used, among other things, for skin irritations and also support the skin in defense reactions.

According to a study, CBD is also said to be promising in the treatment of psoriasis .

In addition to CBD creams, there are also other cosmetic products:

  • Lip balm
  • Anti aging gel
  • Body oil
  • Bath additive
  • Hair balm

Tips on using and buying CBD products


Choose the right intake for you. Of course, there is no universal solution. There are just too many different ways you can take CBD for that.

Of course, it also depends on which CBD product you want and what it should do. In a separate article we give you further tips on taking it.

Which dose is right for you?

There is also no one tip. Everyone tolerates CBD differently and therefore needs an individual dosage.

Ideally, you start a little slower at first, because you can always increase the dose afterwards. The manufacturers usually also give dosage recommendations.

Pay attention to high quality

Quality is not always reflected in the purchase price. Therefore, you don't necessarily have to choose the most expensive product. But it doesn't have to be the cheapest either.

We recommend: Don't save at the wrong end! Remember that CBD could really help you. It is also positive if the CBD products also contain other substances, which trigger the entourage effect.

Think about what you want to use CBD for

You should use your CBD product depending on the area of ​​application. While it is better to use a care product for skin problems or psoriasis, liquids and oils are more suitable for anxiety disorders or sleep problems .

Customer experiences and reviews

Especially in a (still) unexplored area with little experience, it is advisable to read customer experiences carefully.

These can help to understand the product and the topic even better. This also makes it possible to estimate how CBD has so far affected other people and how they react to it. Still, you should keep in mind that CBD can have different effects on each individual.

Pay attention to the THC value

This is a very important point when making a purchase. Because after all, don't want to get into trouble with the law. It is important that the THC value of the respective CBD product is below 0.2%. Serious manufacturers will also provide you with proof of this.

Where can I buy CBD products?

There are different ways to buy CBD products. If you have certain symptoms, you can, for example, get a prescription from the doctor .

In this case, you can get the prescribed product from a pharmacy. There the THC of the product should even be higher because you have a prescription from the doctor . Medical cannabis has been legalised in the UK since 2018.

Another - perhaps easier way - would be the hemp shop in town. There are now more of these than you might think. But it is even easier to simply order the CBD product in one of the online shops .

Is there CBD also in the pharmacy?

You can also buy CBD products in some pharmacies. Either with or without a prescription. The intensity and also the THC content differ depending on the situation .

However, many pharmacists themselves do not really know about the subject or demonise CBD as a bad drug for no good reason . Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if your local pharmacy looks at you a bit puzzled when asked.

Because CBD comes from nature and it is difficult to patent it, the pharmaceutical industry finds it very difficult to make friends with CBD.

After all, it's not that easy to monetise. Especially not if CBD does what researchers expect from it.

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